Monday 8 February 2010

Top Ten Challenge

This popular competition will take place on Sunday 28 March at 10.00am at Forfar Ice Rink and due to members requests ACC has entered a team.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Top Ten Challenge, it is aimed at teams of around 10 people, and consists of some games of 4 vs 4, some games of triples, some pairs, and then finishes with 2 players from each team playing “hot shots”. Team scores are based on total shots scored in all the games plus the points scored in the hot shots. Entry fee is likely to be around £120 per team, but then there are cash prizes for the winning teams. These details are based on prior years and have to be confirmed by the organiser / sponsor.

Please make my job easier and add your name to the list on the club notice board at the ice rink to take part.

More details are availble from Dave Taylor, Area 9 Secretary.