Friday 11 November 2016

Results - Pairs First Round

N Bruce & L Fisher v A Shand & M McArthur (6-0)
C Forbes & M Fisher v R Shand & A Simpson (4-0)
G Stanley & G Sword v A Dunbar & B Yeats (2-4)

I Kerr & J Florance v I McKay & N Marshall (1-6)
P Knoll & F Fraser v P Ward & S Birnie (4-4)
A Macrae & F Glascodine v G Fisher & N Paterson (1-9)

(The winners and best runner up from each half of the draw go through. However it should be noted three teams have withdrawn as both players are unable to play in the latter stages of the competition).

The draw for the quarter finals has been sent out by email. Results sheet here.