Wednesday 11 April 2018

Results - John Geddes Bonspiel

The sixth Aberdeen v Rotary Bonspiel was held this evening to commemorate the late John Geddes, foster relations between the two clubs and close the season.

There were 6 teams from both clubs on the ice playing 2 short games each - 2 points were awarded for a win, 1 for a peel.

The final score was Rotary 13 Aberdeen 11. It was close only 1 win separated the clubs.

1st : A Rodger, A Forster, W Cruden, S Deltesta (Rotary)
2nd : B Black, S Burnett, M Forster, W Taylor (Rotary)
3rd : C Forbes, F Taylor, N Marshall, J Johnston (Aberdeen + 1 Ugie)

After the curling a hearty meal was enjoyed by all.

All the scores are here.